Human Capital Management

Corporate / Human Resources
Online and social media screening for candidates and existing employees
Professional Sports
In depth analysis of draft prospects and monitoring of current players
Pre-enrollment screening of prospective students and student athletes

WHY ThirdPro Human Capital Management

Fast, easy to use and relevant
Audit turnaround times built to fit with your hiring process. Screening parameters that reflect your company’s guidelines and values.
Secure and Confidential
Results delivered via secure portal are only viewable by authorized staff. No opt-in required by candidates.
Fully Compliant
We’re fully compliant with FCRA, EEOC and OFCCP and help eliminate many employee errors.


ThirdPro Audit

ThirdPro Audit

We offer a full audit of all public web and social media profiles and activity for any individual, employee or employment candidate. The confidential report provides links to all social media accounts and website identities, and flags any activity that may be unprofessional, inappropriate or otherwise relevant to the client. ThirdPro staff screens flagged information before it is delivered to client. Search parameters are customizable based on the specific needs of any company or industry.

ThirdPro Geo-fence

ThirdPro Geo-fence

A ThirdPro geo-fence gives clients a unique look into what is happening and what is being said – publicly online – for their precise location. We map the boundaries of any campus or facility and collect all available public social media activity for that location. That activity is then screened against a list of terms and keywords that may indicate dangerous or inappropriate activity, or any other activity that is of interest to the client. ThirdPro staff reviews all results before they are delivered to client.

ThirdPro Monitoring

ThirdPro Monitoring

ThirdPro offers post-audit, ongoing monitoring for any individual. Unfortunately, public internet activity by members of your team can adversely impact your organization’s reputation, violate industry or government regulations or damage the professional reputation of a valued team member. By employing ThirdPro monitoring, you put yourself in the best possible position to rectify issues before they are uncovered by clients, regulators or the press.

ThirdPro Remediation

ThirdPro Remediation

We offer remediation services for issues identified during the audit or at the request of the client. In the event that damaging information is online, ThirdPro will take steps to have it removed or instruct the client how to do so. Examples of cases requiring remediation include bad press, slander, revenge porn, published personal information and information disseminated in conflict with company policies or industry regulations.


Custom Reporting

Search parameters are customizable based on the specific needs of any company or industry. Each parameter can then be rated based on relevance.

Multiple Service Levels

Different positions may require different levels of scrutiny. ThirdPro can provide the appropriate level of investigation relative to potential exposure.

Clean & Elegant Reporting

Audit results are reported back to you in an easy-to-read format. All results are assigned a letter grade based upon client assigned weighting factors.

Reputation Security

Employers want security in knowing whether a candidate’s reputation can create opportunities for their business, or present risks.

Guesswork Taken out of Social Media

ThirdPro goes much further than traditional recruitment methods and helps to provide a more complete picture of a candidate, as written and distributed by them.

Consistent Results

Each audit receives the same level of scrutiny, regardless of the individual. ThirdPro alleviates any potential conflict of interest from your HR team.

Clients Testimonial

Thank you and the team for your diligence and professionalism!
Greatly appreciated, it would have taken us months to get to the bottom of this without your expertise!

Joseph Y.

Thank you very much for the audit, it was spot on! I am certain you helped us avoid a terrible mistake.

Robert S.

Many thanks to you and your staff. We utilize ThirdPro monitoring to guard against the accidental release of non-public information. Your response and performance has been exceptional.

Ashley G

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